IPCSA scheduled events published

Dear IPCSA Member!

We are pleased to announce that we have published on IPCSA Community predicted and scheduled events for 2024.

IPCSA members meetings
The annual meeting of IPCSA members will be held in Tanger Med, Morocco on May 14th and 15th and will be hosted by the Tanger Med Port Authority.

This event will bring together IPCSA members and industry leaders from around the world, offering an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, explore future collaboration opportunities, and learn more about new IPCSA initiatives.

The event will also be a great opportunity to discover the city of Tangier, located on the coast of Tangier, where the waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet. Please reserve these dates. Invitations will be sent out in February.


We are also planning an IPCSA regional meeting for Asia Pacific and West Asia in Mumbai, India, which is scheduled for the second week of November. This event will be organized in conjunction with the first IPCSA Foresight workshop. We are finalizing arrangements for hosting and sponsorship and will announce further details shortly.

IPCSA workshops and discussion forums

In addition, several IPCSA workshops in the field of customs, MSW and sustainability are planned. These will mainly be online events, except for the new IPCSA Sustainability initiative, where face-to-face meetings are also planned.

Please note that the dates for the IPCSA workshops are currently indicative and will be specified closer to the time of the particular event.

We encourage you to register for these events early, as we will send individual updates and reminders to all registered participants.

Events of interest organised by others

In addition, we have also marked events organized by other organizations in the calendar, in which we recommend IPCSA members to participate as much as possible, such as Smart Ports of the Future, TOC Europe, PMAC Annual General meeting, Single Window conference Africa, etc.

IPCSA Regional and Global representations

The calendar also includes events organized by regional and international organizations such as IMO FAL, ICAO events, Lobby DG MOVE and DG TAXUD etc where IPCSA has an official representation status.

Event descriptions include the representative’s name and contact information. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the work of these organizations and the events held, feel free to ask our representatives. Whenever possible, we will include information about the work of these organisations in IPCSA workshops and discussion forums specific to the particular subject, as well as in the IPCSA Yearbook.

The Yearbook for 2023 you will receive at the end of March

Agenda 2024 is available on IPCSA Community at: https://www.ipcsa.community/calendar_events

We are looking forward seeing you in 2024!