IPCSA publishes Global PCS Study

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has completed the results of a unique and wide-ranging global study which will support the practical development of Port Community Systems (PCS) around the world.

The PCS Global Study is based on extensive research and draws on the knowledge and experience of a large number of IPCSA’s members. IDOM, a company with wide experience in the PCS sector, carried out the study in collaboration with other experts in the sector.

Five key topics in setting up a Port Community System

The study focuses on five key topics that are vital in creating and setting up a Port Community System: Change Management, Governance & Business Model, PCS Services, Technology, and Laws & Regulations.

Building on previous work by IPCSA, including the 12-point guide to building a PCS, the Global PCS Study is an important component of IPCSA’s broader “Port Community Systems and Trade Single Windows: A Strategic Approach to Development and Implementation” project, which aims to establish the state of play of IPCSA members, the main areas of interest of PCSs and how PCSs are currently operating.

In total, 37 IPCSA members were surveyed, including PCS Operators, Port Authorities and other NGOs.

“The feedback and responses of these members has been collected and analysed, covering all the topics necessary for the implementation and operation of Port Community Systems,” said IPCSA Chairman Javier Gallardo. “The Global PCS Study represents a considerable investment of both time and resources by IPCSA and its members, and the result is a huge valuable document providing a wealth of resources and data in an easily accessible format.”

Crucially, the Global PCS Study incorporates an updating mechanism; this means the contents can be easily updated in terms of data, and also to reflect IPCSA’s expanding membership and the wider coverage/scope of that membership.

IPCSA General Manager Inga Morton said: “The Global PCS Study is a really valuable piece of information for any organisation seeking to create or develop a Port Community System – even more so because we have the tools to keep the data and information up to date so that this will always be a dynamic, relevant piece of work.

“One important impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been wider recognition that Port Community Systems are a vital trade facilitation tool in ports. However, there is still, in some quarters, a lack of understanding about how the PCS operates and what it does and doesn’t do. The Global PCS Study addresses this need for detailed information and guidance.”

The Global PCS Study will be available at no cost to IPCSA members, and also available to non-members on a paid license basis.

For more information on the Global PCS Study, read further on PCS Global Study or contact Inga Morton, General Manager, IPCSA: inga.morton@ipcsa.international