Future of IPCSA – Chairmanship handed over to the next generation

IPCSA ExCo in Felixstowe

IPCSA ExCo in Felixstowe

We are excited to announce that IPCSA Executive Committee on 8 of February 2023 (Felixstowe) appointed Javier Gallardo (Portic, Barcelona) as Chair and Steve
Lamb (MCP, UK) as Vice Chair.

Javier Gallardo has praised Hans Rook’s chairmanship for all his achievements in leading IPCSA and said:
“I’m pleased and honoured to continue the journey of IPCSA being a neutral, highly respected, and reliable partner, supporting our members and strategic partners as they embrace the challenges of the future. I am looking forward to an exciting journey and dynamic next years. “

Steve Lamb added: “I’m glad to contribute towards the continuing success of IPCSA and to assist in strengthening the community approach, which is an important core element of our industry. There are a lots of exciting initiatives and tasks in front of us, which we will embrace and take forward together.“

Former chairman Hans Rook will remain with IPCSA as their Ambassador to promote and further grow IPCSA’s reputation in the market and to facilitate new
developments. Hans said: “Being Chairman of IPCSA has been an extremely busy and rewarding time. I am proud of what IPCSA has achieved. Working with and on behalf of our members gives me great satisfaction and I look forward to continuing to support IPCSA and its members.”