LOGINK signs up to IPCSA’s Network of Trusted Networks

The International Port Community Systems Association’s advanced cross-border data exchange solution for supply chains, the Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN), has welcomed LOGINK as an active participant on the platform.

The decision by LOGINK, the national public information platform for transport and logistics of China, to sign up to the NoTN is an important ‘vote of confidence’ in the platform and supports the supply chain in being able to create transparency in the supply chain through the safe and secure exchange of data between platforms. LOGINK has been a member of IPCSA since 2019, and the two organisations have had a close working relationship dating back to 2017.

“A reliable, accurate, accessible channel to synchronise the key status of delivery is critical to global logistics participants, especially against the background of COVID-19. This is a must-be-done task and, more importantly, we always believe it should be a co-effort achieved by contributors sharing the same values. Sharing, among trusted partners, with reliable techniques, is exactly what the NoTN is pioneering,” said Dr Sun, Director-General of LOGINK .

Describing the LOGINK-NoTN agreement as a ‘win-win’, Ms Gao, leader of LOGINK’s international cooperation department, said: “We joined IPCSA because we share the same philosophy and both sides want to promote the interconnection of international logistics data. LOGINK has the same vision as the NoTN. We hope to enhance cooperation with other members of IPCSA – the Network of Trusted Networks is a bridge for cooperation between members and will make a colossal difference to transparency and visibility in the supply chain.”

The NoTN, a secure port-to-port and cross-border data exchange solution for supply chains, was developed by IPCSA in response to the requirements of consumers and logistics companies for end-to-end information on their shipments. Via the NoTN platform, Port Community System operators, representing the interests of their customers, can exchange data relating to vessel/voyage information, and track and trace cargo globally, providing predictability, visibility and certainty within the supply chain.

LOGINK is a platform promoting the sharing and exchange of information on global logistics among supply chain participants. LOGINK is working with its global partners to co-establish a trusted network, dedicated to resolving the transparency and visibility challenges of the global supply chain. While participating in ISO standards drafting and the NEAL-NET framework, LOGINK has achieved real-time efficient information sharing regarding the key status of logistics flows among major ports in the Asia-Pacific regions.

Richard Morton, Secretary General of IPCSA, said: “The Network of Trusted Networks provides a secure platform for global data exchange using trusted Port Community Systems or Single Windows. Everyone is in control of their own data and decides what data they can and will share, and what data they cannot share.  We are delighted to announce this new connection with LOGINK, which expands the NoTN’s geographical coverage to enable even more comprehensive tracking, tracing and visibility in global supply chains.”

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Richard Morton, IPCSA Secretary General